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 Cable Preparation Rubber Cutting



  Typical Rubber & Plastic Cutting Machinery from Metzner

The machines offered by CP Power & Automation Ltd for the cutting of rubber and plastics depend entirely on the type of material / product which needs to be cut, and are very often custom variations of standard machines. 

Listed below are the different types of cut, and the typical applications / materials which can be processed by the Metzner machines. 

Die Cut - Rubber/plastic profiles, Rubber tubes, Rubber belts, Foam Rubber, Steel reinforced rubber profiles for the automotive industry.

Shear Cut - Plastic sheets, Textiles, Paper, Labels, Wire mesh, Leather, Cables

Drawing Cut - Medical tubes, Silicone tubes, Medium hardness plastic pipes, brake hoses, corrugated hoses, Steel reinforced rubber profiles for the automotive industry.

Circumference Cut - Plastic pipes, Cardboard cores, Heavy gauge rubber hoses.

Hot Cut - Woven synthetic tapes, Braided hoses.

Multiple Die Cut - Rubber/plastic profiles and other materials requiring different shapes at each end.

Flying Knife Cut - Medical tubes, Medium hardness plastic pipes, Hoses

Rotary Cut - Rubber seals, Steel reinforced rubber profiles for the automotive industry.

In most cases we request a sample of the material, and from that we recommend the cutting method / machine. 

For more information on any of the above equipment, or for advice about your particular application, please fill out and submit the form below.


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Last modified: April 27, 2012