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Power Products


Electronic DC Loads
Electronic DC Loads from 200W bench top units to 100kW floor standing 19" rack systems. Voltage ranges from 0Vdc to 800Vdc, and current ranges from 0.01A to 1000A. Constant Current, Constant Power, Constant Voltage, Constant Conductance (1/R).
Programmable / Laboratory Power Supplies
Over 150 models of bench style or 19" rack programmable DC power supplies from 30W to 30kW. Voltage ranges from 0Vdc up to 1000Vdc, and current ranges from 0A up to 1000A. Single, or Dual output models available, all digital displays of voltage and current, and some with offline setting.
AC to DC Power Supplies
19" rack mountable, din-rail mountable, or chassis mounting switched mode AC/DC power supplies with power ratings from 5W to 8kW. The rack mountable units can also be built into systems and used in parallel or n+1 redundant modes to achieve DC power up to 200kW.
Linear Power Supplies
Either fixed or programmable, these power supplies offer unparalleled linear performance, and can be supplied in either 19" rack mountable, open frame or standalone formats. From 25W up to 1000W. Voltage ranges from 0Vdc up to 150Vdc, and current ranges from 0A up to 20A.
DC to DC Converters
19" rack mountable, din-rail mountable, or chassis mounting DC/DC converters with power ratings from 12W to 27kW. These units can also be built into systems and used in parallel or n+1 redundant configurations.
DC to AC Inverters
Standalone or 19" rack mountable DC to AC inverters with power ratings from 200W to 40kW. Standalone or n+1 redundant systems available.
Battery Chargers
For use in industrial, utilities, railway, or telecommunication applications, we can provide simple float chargers, or full three stage battery chargers from 45W to 2.7kW and beyond.
Prewired 19 "Power Supply Systems
19" rack systems from 1U to 7U manufactured to your specification with any mixture of AC/DC and DC/DC converters. These systems are offered with decoupling diodes where applicable and can be prewired to screw terminal blocks for simple on site application. Standalone, parallel, or n+1 redundant.
Custom Built Power Supplies
Built to your exact specification, virtually any configuration, whether AC/DC, DC/DC, or to charge batteries, and virtually any physical shape can be catered for. Large reference list in various industries. Simply ask for details.


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Last modified: April 27, 2012