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Outlined briefly below, the cable preparation and rubber cutting machines supplied by C P Power & Automation Ltd are manufactured in Germany by The Metzner Machine Company. Metzner have specialised in these types of Cutting Machines for over 20 years.

They are renowned worldwide for their ability to provide automated cutting of the most difficult rubber and plastic materials and components, and in addition to this, they are the only manufacturer in the world to produce a Cable Preparation Machine which will take an Electrical CAD file and based on a number of selectable rules, lay out the physical demographics, and automatically prepare all of the cables for the specified job.

Preparation includes:

        Cutting cables to length

        Stripping one or both ends

        Applying a crimp

        Printing the source and destination reference on each cable


Cable Preparation Machinery
A range of machines, aimed at saving you money, from simple units which will cut to length, and strip up to 11000 cables per hour, to the comprehensive machines which will cut to length, strip, crimp, and print on the cable. The machines are modular, and so variants can be tailored to meet your specific needs.  
Rubber & Plastic Cutting Machinery
Cutting technology at its best - Some standard machines, but also custom solutions to cut to length your particular material or product - Hoses, Tubes, Pipes, Sheets, Gauze, Braid, Extruded Profiles etc
Control Panel Preparation Machinery
A machining centre from Kiesling GmbH (a partner of Metzner), which will automatically prepare a control panel, plate or enclosure for final assembly by Drilling, Tapping, and Milling the precise device cut outs and holes either from data which is manually input or direct from a CAD file. Based on the principles of saving the customer, time, money, and providing a quieter working environment.  

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Last modified: April 27, 2012