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Examples of custom designed power supplies, DC/DC Converters & Battery Chargers 

T Charger lit.jpg (175647 bytes)

Rack mounted AC/DC Charger for Motorcycle Battery Application

For example: 230Vac input, 2 x 12Vdc outputs, battery status indicators, audible alarm, special "Anderson Style" connectors for regular plugging in/out.

Rail DC_DC BD1.jpg (164973 bytes)

DC/DC Converter for  Onboard Train Application

For example : Special rugged design to rail standards, 60-160Vdc input, 2 x 24Vdc 4A outputs with fold back on overload.

ES Charger 1.JPG (60093 bytes)ES Charger 2.JPG (79844 bytes)ES Charger 3.JPG (235945 bytes)

Portable AC/DC Battery Charger for Train Application

For example : Special rugged design. Single Phase 230Vac input, single dc output rated at 2.7kW with special safety interlocks and metering. Consisting of 4 x power modules to enable continued operation in the event of single module failure.

rail battery charger.jpg (11000 bytes)

AC/DC Battery Charger for  Onboard Train Application

For example : Special rugged design to rail standards, 3 Phase 400V input, multiple dc outputs totaling 7.2kW with temperature compensation, and alarm contacts

Telecoms custom1.jpg (9695 bytes)

DC/DC Converter for the Telecommunications Industry

For example : Special Compact Shape, multiple outputs 

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We have an impressive customer reference list in Rail, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and Military applications, and have the ability to provide custom built power supplies and battery chargers. Every application is looked at individually, and assessed to see if it is both practical and feasible to design and manufacture.

If you have a specific requirement, or would simply like to talk through your application with one of our engineers, then simply fill out and submit the form below, or contact us via any of the media described on our home page.

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Last modified: April 27, 2012