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 Cable Preparation Rubber Cutting

AM2000 Savings




AM2000 Cutting & Stripping Machine              Triathlon Workstation

The machines offered by CP Power & Automation Ltd for the preparation of cables, are summarised below

Table top machines like the AM2000 (pictured above) which will cut to length and strip the ends of cables from 0.14mmÓ up to 6mmÓ. Cables can be processed with these machines at a rate of over 6000 per hour. For the savings which can be achieved with an AM2000 please click on the link on the left of the page

Floor standing machines like the AM5100 which will cut to length and strip the ends of cables up to 30mm external diameter

Complete workstations like the Triathlon¨ which will take an Electrical CAD file, automatically prepare a cabinet layout based on a number of pre-programmed rules, and then automatically produce all of the required cables. Production includes:-

  • Cutting to the correct length
  • Stripping the ends
  • Applying a crimp (e.g. bootlace ferrule)
  • Printing the "to" and "from" wiring references (direct from the E-CAD) all the way along the cable 

The Triathlon¨ is the only machine of this type in the world, and consequently the one which can save users the most money in terms of wiring time.

Custom Machines - Because these types of machines are modular in their construction, we can provide virtually any variation on these types of machines - simply send us a sample or description of what you want to achieve

For more information on any of the above equipment, or for advice about your particular application, please fill out and submit the form below.


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Last modified: April 27, 2012