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About Zentro-Elektrik GmbH KG

Zentro-Elektrik GmbH KG are based in Pforzheim Germany, and have been providing customers with solutions to problems in the area of "Electronically Controlled Power Supply Systems", for over 50 years. Their product ranges are highly renowned for their quality, and are particularly robust and suitable for the industrial environment.

Zentro-Elektrik Headquarters in Pforzheim, Germany

Founded in 1956, the company employs approximately 70 people in development, production, sales, and support for its product ranges, and is part of the Stetzler group of companies.

The Zentro-Elektrik customer base is impressive and features names from the sectors of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, Telecommunications, Power Industry, Automation, Plant Control, Construction, and numerous Research Institutions.

Quality assurance conforms to DIN ISO 9000-2000 / EN 29001, and Zentro-Elektrik are also the holders of TUV approval for their manufacturing and quality control processes.

Contacting Zentro-Elektrik GmbH KG

Address:        Sandweg 20, D-75179, Pforzheim, Germany

Telephone:     00 49 7232 3131 0

Fax:               00 49 7232 3131 399

Internet:       http://www.zentro-elektrik.de

E-mail:          info@zentro-elektrik.de



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Last modified: April 27, 2012